Workshop/training programmes/ summer/winter schools attended

Participated in one week high end workshop on "Sophisticated Analytical and Testing Instruments”organized by Department of Energy and Environment, NIT, Tiruchirappalli, 23 rd – 27 th Jan 2023.
Participated in 5 days Faculty Development Programme on "Green Technologies towards sustainable future” organized by GMR Institute of Technology,Rajam and NIT Warangal during 8 th – 12 th March 2022.
Participated in DST-SERB and ISSE Manipal chapter sponsored three days workshop on "Machine learning concepts for modeling and control of non-linear systems” organized by MIT, Manipal during 27 th – 29 th June 2022
Participated in seven days Faculty Development Programme on "Creativity, Problem Solving And Innovation” organized by MIT,MAHE, Manipal during 20 th – 27 th July 2021.
Participated in Five days ATAL sponsored Faculty Development Programme on "Novel Materials: Advances and Application” organized by National Institute of Technology, Raipur during 24th – 28th Sep 2021.
Participated in One week AICTE sponsored Short term training programme on “Synthesis, characterization and its application of nanomaterials” organized by Centre for Nanoscience and Technology,Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad during 24 th – 29 th Aug 2020.
Participated in Five days Faculty Development Programme on Energy Engineering organized by Shri Mata vaishno Devi University, Katra, Jammu during 21 st – 25 th Sep 2020.
Participated in TEQIP Short Term Course on “Modeling and Simulation of Micro and Macro Mutliphase Systems” organized by Department of Chemical Engineering, NIT, Surathkal during 8 th – 12 th Jan 2019.
Participated in GIAN course on “Co-Product recovery from existing and future buio-refineries” organized by Department of Civil Engineering,NIT,Surathkal during 17 th – 21 st Dec 2018.
Participated in One week Short Term Course on “Waste Management” organized by Department of Energy and Environment, NIT, Tiruchirappalli during 8 th – 14 th May 2016.
Participated in TEQIP Phase II sponsored Faculty Development Programme on “Recent Developments in Measurement Science” organized by NMAMIT, NItte during 22 nd – 23 rd April 2016.
Participated in 1 week Short Term Training Programme on “Applications of Fixed Point Theory and Nonlinear Analysis for Engineering and Sciences”AFPTNAES 2014, conducted by National Institute of Technology,Surat, 30 th June – 4 th July 2014.
Participated in Two day workshop on “ABET Accreditation and Outcome based Education” organized by Nitte Mahalinga Adyanthaya Memorial Institute of Technology,Karkala,11 th – 12 th March 2014.
Participated in one day workshop on “Energy Conservation in Process Industries” conducted by CEESAT,National Institute of Technology,Trichy, 30 th Dec 2013.
Participated in Faculty Development Programme on “Effective Teaching Techniques” organized by Dept of Management Studies, National Institute of Technology,Trichy, 10 th – 11 th Oct 2013.
Participated in Three days hands on workshop on “MATLAB and Simulink for Engineering Education” oragnised by Electrical and Electronics Engineering department,MIT,Manipal,11 th – 13 th September 2012.
Participated in the Two day short term course on “Engineering Optimization and Approaches” organized by National Institute of Technology, Trichy, 24 th – 25 th August 2012.
Participated in the 2 weeks ISTE workshop on “Computational Fluid Dynamics” conducted by Indian Institute of Technology,Mumbai from 12 th – 22 nd June 2012.
Participated in the Indo-UK workshop on “Current Development of Wastewater Treatment in India” (Sponsored by DST,Govt of India, The Royal Society) organized by Dept of Chemical Engineering, NIT,Trichy, 29 th -31 st August 2011.
Participated in the “Entrepreneurship Awareness workshop on Renewable Energy” (Supported by DST, Govt of India) organized by MUTBI,MIT, Manipal, 30 th March 2010.
Participated in the “Induction Training Programme” organized by Dept of Continuing Education,MIT,Manipal from 31 st December – 2 nd January 2010.
Participated in the AICTE-QIP Short term Course on Lean and Agile Manufacturing organized by N.I.T,Trichy, 7 th – 11 th December 2009.
Participated in the UKIERI workshop on “Control of Smart Reliable and Adaptable Air Vehicles” organized by N.I.T,Trichy, 4 th – 6 th December 2009.
Participated in the workshop on “Rural Development: Role of Renewable Energy Services” under TEQIP,Community Services scheme organized by NIT,Trichy, 9 th June 2008.
Participated in the Indo-UK Workshop on “Low Carbon Technologies for Decentralised Power Production”held at Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai,1 7th – 1 8th March 2008.
Participated in the All India Workshop on “Recent Trends in Energy Management” held at The Institution of Engineers(India),Tiruchirappalli Local Centre, 12 th – 13 th October 2007.
Participated in Indo-German Workshop on “Major Aspects of Energy Research in India and Germany: The Challenges for the future (IGWS-2007)”, organized by Institute for Energy Studies, Anna University, Chennai, 20 th -21 st June 2007.
Participated in the short term course on “Recent Advances in Environmental Engineering” organized by Department of Civil Engineering, NIT, Trichy, 19 th – 23 rd February 2007.
Participated in the one-day training programme on “Instrumentation methods of Thermal Analysis and Data Interpretation” under the sponsorship of Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP), 25 th November 2006.
Participated in the one day State level seminar on “Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation for Rural Development” organised by Rural Technology Centre, Gandhigram Rural Institute, Gandhigram under the sponsorship of UGC,NewDelhi & MNES, New Delhi on 1 st November 2006.
“Solar Energy for effluent / Drinking water treatment” in “RENET Renewable Energy Workshop” organised by IIT, Madras, held on 27 th - 28 th September 2006.
Participated in the Inter-Collegiate Seminar on “Renewable Energy – Today and Tomorrow” under the sponsorship of Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources(MNES), New Delhi & Thailand Energy Development Agency (TEDA),Chennai, 18 th August 2006.
Participated in the one-day Workshop on “Solar Passive Architecture” under the sponsorship of MNES, New Delhi & TEDA, Chennai, 22 nd July 2006.
Participated in the one-day Workshop on “Renewable Energy - Energy of the Future” under the sponsorship of MNES, New Delhi & TEDA, Chennai, 20 th August 2005.
Participated in one day Workshop on “Instrumentation for Thermal Analysis” conducted by CEESAT NIT, Trichy sponsored by M/s Perkins-Elmer (India) P Ltd., Chennai on 30 th April 2005.
Participated in a two day Workshop cum discussion on “Small Hydro Power Projects” sponsored by Ministry of Non conventional Energy Sources, New Delhi, Jointly organized with Alternate Hydro Energy Centre, Indian Institute of Technology, Rookie on 22 nd - 23 rd April 2005.
Participated in one day Workshop on “Solar Home Appliances” conducted by CEESAT, NIT, Trichy on 5 th March 2005.
Participated in Short Term Training Programme on “Emerging Energy Technologies” Sponsored by AICTE - ISTE, New Delhi from 17 th - 28 th May 2004.