Research Grant Funding received

“Development of low cost and bio-based MOF for photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide to solar fuels”(Grant ID : VGST/CESEM/ VRN/000389/21-22) – Centre of Excellence in Science, Engineering and Medicine from VGST, Govt of Karnataka. (40.00 lakhs)
“Carbon capture and conversion to methanol using a metal-organic framework as an adsorbent material” (Grant ID: MAHE/00000191/2019) – Research seed money from MAHE, Manipal (0.50 lakhs)
“Photocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide to methanol using ZIF-8/BiVO 4 /GO and rGO-CuO nanocomposites as an adsorbent material” (Grant ID : VGST/RGS-F/GRD-918/2019-20/2020-21/198) – Research grant from VGST, Govt. of Karnataka.(3.00 lakhs)
Received ATAL FDP grant for organization of 5 days FDP in Energy storage thrust area titled “Recent advancements in sustainable energy storage and conversion” (0.93 lakhs) 25th to 29th Oct 2021.
Received ATAL FDP grant for organization of 5 days FDP in Artificial Intelligence thrust Area titled “Recent developments in Artificial Intelligence for smart and sustainable energy systems” (0.93 lakhs) 7th - 11th Dec 2020.
Received CSIR funding for organizing Two days Workshop on “Solar Energy Harnessing for a low carbon future” in 2013.
Received CSIR funding, Oil India Limited funding and MRPL funding for the organization of Two days National Workshop on “Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact”, Chemical Engineering department, MIT, Manipal held on 14 th – 15 th October 2011.
Received Post-doctoral research fund for the project titled “Design of Coupled Solar Bio sorption process for degradation of industrial effluent”, 4.25 lakhs Dec 2012.
Received research seed money from MAHE, Manipal for a project titled “Experimental studies on coupled solar bioprocess for industrial effluent treatment”.Rs 25000, 2010.