International Conferences

Ramyashree MS, S.Shanmuga Priya, Veekshit Udayakumar Ail“Synthesis and characterization of TiO 2 -Cu 3 (BTC) 2 metal organic framework based advanced materials for photocatalytic CO 2 reduction”, RAMMML 2023, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 2 nd – 4 th Feb 2023.
Thanmaya A, Ramyashree MS, S.Shanmuga Priya“Synthesis, characterization and testing of ZIF-8 and Cu@ZIF-8 metal-organic frameworks for anti-bacterial properties”, ETBCT 2022, SMVDU Katra, Jammu, 3 rd – 5 th Dec 2022.
Kshitij Kumar, S.Shanmuga Priya, K.Sudhakar“Synthesis and characterization of indium tin oxide thin films supported by glass substrates for the design of dye sensitized solar cells using natural fruit extracts”, AIGEV 2020, Malaysia, 10 th – 11 th Nov 2020.
Edala Sarath Yadav, I.Thirunavukkarasu, S.Shanmuga Priya “Online Implementation of Cascade predictive PI control for Nonlinear processes”, ICCDN-2019, SMIT, Sikkim, 9 th – 10 th Dec 2019.
S.Shanmuga Priya, K.S.Sivaraman, Shivy Mangal “Synthesis, characterization and testing of low cost adsorbents for carbon dioxide capture”, International Conference and Electron Microscopy and Allied Analytical Techniques EMAAT 2019, Himachal Pradesh, 7 th – 9 th June 2019.
S.Shannuga Priya, Stijn Ruts, SVSR Krishna Bandaru “Organic solar photovoltaic cells: Synthesis of Indium Tin oxide using Sol-gel method”, International Conference on Electrical,Electronics, Instrumentation and Computer communication,Coimbatore, 24 th – 25 th Jan 2019.
S.Shanmuga Priya,Karan Ahuja “Performance Enhancement of solar still using Phase Change Materials”, 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Energy Electronics & Computing Systems SEEMS-2018 technically sponsored by IEEE UP Section,Greater Noida, UP. 26 th – 27 th Oct 2018.
S.Shanmuga Priya, Sneha Reddy, S.Harish Kumar “Performance evaluation of a solar aided liquid desiccant evaporative cooling system” International Conference on Sustainable Engineering and Technology (IconSET 2018), ACS College of Engineering, Bengaluru, 19 th – 20 th April 2018.
Priya, S.S,  Reddy, S. , Balachandar, P. , Wadhwania, S. “Solar assisted liquid desiccant cooling using clay based membranes”, International Conference on Research in Mechanical Engineering Sciences (RiMES 2017),MIT,Manipal, 21 st – 23 rd Dec 2017, MATEC Web of Conferences 144, 04011 (2018).
Priya, S.S, Borkataky, A. , Reddy, S. , Thirunavukkarasu, I. “Measurement of Global Solar Radiation data using Raspberry Pi and its estimation using Genetic Algorithm”, 4 th  International Conference on Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering (ICMME 2017) University of Malaya,Kualalumpur, Malaysia 28 th – 30 th Nov 2017, MATEC Web of Conferences 153, 07004 (2018).
Shreesha, C. Bhat, V.S , Thirunavukkarasu, I , S.Shanmuga Priya “Predictive Control Algorithm Based on Integral Action-Design and Implementation on a Conical Tank System”, 4 th  International Conference on Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering (ICMME 2017), University of Malaya,Kualalumpur, Malaysia 28 th – 30 th Nov 2017, MATEC Web of Conferences 153, 06010 (2018)
S.Shanmuga Priya, Sneha Reddy, S.Harish Kumar “Simulation of solar aided liquid desiccant cooling system in recirculation mode using TRSNYS”, 4th International Conference on Computational Methods in Engineering and Health Sciences (ICCMEH 2017), MIT,Manipal, 19 th – 20 th Dec 2017.
Janani, Vinayambika S.Bhat, S.Shanmuga Priya, I.Thirunavukkarasu “Design of Robust PI controller with Loop shaping for a pilot plant binary distillation column” IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Computing, Instrumentation and Control Technologies ICICICT 2017, Vimal Jyothi Engineering College, Kerala 6 – 7 July 2017.
K.Sivaraman, S.Shanmuga Priya “Synthesis of solid adsorbents for CO 2 capture using sugarcane bagasse, wood shavings and by alkali treatment of crude TiO 2 ” Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University Katra Jammu 20 th – 21 st March 2017.
S.Shanmuga Priya, Shivy Mangal “Synthesis and characterization of Metal Organic Framework based photocatalyst for carbon dioxide conversion” International Conference on Advanced Materials SCICON 16, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore 19 th – 21 th December 2016.
Vinayambika S.Bhat, S.Shanmuga Priya, I.Thirunavukkarasu “Local Transient Model of a Pilot plant Distillation response” 2 nd International Conference on Frontiers in Automobile and Mechanical Engineering FAME 2016, Sathyabama University, Chennai 7 th – 9 th July 2016.
S.Shanmuga Priya, Norman Carl Freudenberg,Arunabh Borkataky “Solar radiation measurement using Raspberry Pi” International Conference on Power, Energy and Mehanical Engineering (ICPEME 2016), Bangkok, Thailand 18 th – 20 th June 2016.
S.Shanmuga Priya,M.Premalatha, I.Thirunavukkarasu “Indoor Air quality optimization by thermal displacement Air-conditioning Methods” 2 nd International Conference on Design,Analysis, Manufacturing and Simulation ICDAMS 2016, Saveetha University, Chennai. 7 th – 8 th April 2016.
S.Shanmuga Priya, Vinayambika S.Bhat, Majaaz, I.Thirunavukkarasu “Centralized Controller Tuning for MIMO Process with Time delay” International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications (ICRERA), Palermo, Italy, 22 nd – 25 th Nov 2015.
S.Shanmuga Priya, Joanna Migdalska “Cooling degree day analysis as a climate impact indicator for different locations of Poland and India” “International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Applied Sciences” Berlin, Germany, 13 th June 2015.
S.Shanmuga Priya, Rashmi Deshpande “Distillery Effluent Treatment Using Parabolic Trough Solar Collector Coupled With Biological Process”, International Conference on Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Sciences, Dubai, 15 th – 16 th Oct 2014,
S.Shanmuga Priya, Rashmi Deshpande “Studies on reduction in TOC and COD level by Coupled Solar Bio Treatment Of Pharmaceutical Effluent”, International Conference on Green Technology for Environmental Pollution Prevention and control (ICGTEPC 2014) , NIT,Trichy, 27 th – 29 th Sep 2014.
S.Shanmuga Priya, Amit Anand “Design of Coupled Solar Biosorption process for degradation of dairy effluent”, International Conference on Petrochemistry and Chemical Engineering, San Antonio, Texas, USA, 18 th – 20 th November 2013.
S.Shanmuga Priya, Manish Ratna, Rahul Shrivastava “Design and Performance Evaluation Of Solar Trickle Down Reactor For Cypermethrin Effluent Treatment”, International Conference on Global Scenario in Environment and Energy, NIT, Bhopal, 14 th – 16 th March 2013.
I.Thirunavukkarasu, V.I.George, S.Shanmuga Priya “PID Controller design for a real time ball and beam system-A double integrating process with dead time”, ISTE sponsored Proc. of Int. Conf. on Advances in Signal Processing and Communication. Lucknow 21 st June 2013. P. No. 96-99 DOI: 03.LSCS.2013.3..
S.Shanmuga Priya, M.Premalatha “Heat transfer analysis of tube tanks using CFX software”, 6 th International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies, Panipat,Harayana, 3 rd Nov 2012.
I.Thirunvaukkarasu, S.Shanmuga Priya “Enhancement of servo response of the integrating process with two degree of freedom control structure”, 6 th International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies, Panipat,Harayana, 3 rd Nov 2012.
S.Shanmuga Priya, Seung Hoon Lee “Artificial Neural network analysis of effect of path length in photolytic reactor”, International Conference on Emerging trends in communication, Kanyakumari, 8 th – 9 th March 2012.
S.Shanmuga Priya, M.Premalatha “Design of solar heat sheet for air heaters”, 2 nd International Conference on Methods and Models in Science and Technology organized by Institution of Engineers, Technocrats and Academician Network(IETAN), Jaipur, 1 9th – 2 0th Nov 2011.
I.Thirunavukkarasu, S.Shanmuga Priya “Design of PID controller for Non-square MIMO system”, 2 nd International Conference on Methods and Models in Science and Technology organized by Institution of Engineers, Technocrats and Academician Network(IETAN), Jaipur, 19 th – 20 th Nov 2011.
S.Shanmuga Priya, M.Premalatha “Modeling the kinetics of photolysis of phenol by Artificial Neural Network”, International Conference on Chemical Engineering and Applications (CCEA2010), Singapore, 26 th – 28 th February 2010.
S.Shanmuga Priya, M.Premalatha “CFD Simulation of diluents effect on NO x emission in premixed methane flames”, International Conference on System Dynamics and Control (ICSDC2010), MIT, Manipal, 19 th – 22 nd August 2010.
I.Thirunavukkarasu, S.Shanmuga Priya “Determination of the Region of Fixed-order Stabilizing Controller for the Dynamically Varying Systems”, International Conference on Applied, Materials and Manufacturing (ICAMM2011),Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman. 13 th – 15 th Dec 2010.
S.Shanmuga Priya, M.Premalatha “Studies on Photocatalytic degradation of Phenol effluent”, International Conference on Science and Applications in Industry and Education (ICSTIE 2008), Pulau Pinang, Malaysia, 12 th – 13 th December 2008.
S.Shanmuga Priya, M.Premalatha “Solar Photocatalytic degradation of phenol wastewater: Potential, Challenges and Opportunities - An Indian perspective”, 17 th International Conference on Photochemical Conversion and Storage of Solar Energy, Sydney, Australia Ref No: WC0357, 27 th July – 1 st August 2008.
S.Shanmuga Priya, M.Premalatha “Application of Nanotechnology in photocatalysis for treatment of phenol” Proceedings of International Conference on Material Science and Nanotechnology, Kodaikanal, 27 th - 29 th February 2008.
M.Premalatha,S.Shanmuga Priya “Clean Development Mechanism and Nanotechnology: A perspective study”, Proceedings of International Conference on Material Science and Nanotechnology, Kodaikanal, 27 th - 29 th February 2008.
V.Sivaramakrishnan, S.Shanmuga Priya, M.Premalatha “Elucidation of Kinetics of Bagasse Gasification in nitrogen and air environment”, International Conference on Advances in Energy Research, ICAER2007, IIT, Mumbai, 12 th – 14 th December 2007.
M.Premalatha,S.Shanmuga Priya “Segregated Flow Modeling for Solar Flat Plate Collector”, Proceedings of the 3 rd International Conference on Solar Radiation and Day Lighting SOLARIS –2007 Conference at IIT, Delhi, P.16, Volume II, February 7 th – 9 th , 2007.
V.Kirubakaran,M.Premalatha,S.Shanmuga Priya “Experimental Investigation of gasification characteristics of biomass and the effect of bio oxygen”, International Conference on Modeling and Simulation CITICOMS 2007 held at CIT, Coimbatore, 27 th – 29 th August 2007.
S.Shanmuga Priya,M.Premalatha “Coupled Solar Bio Process for Industrial Effluent Treatment” in the Proceedings of t he International Conference on Cleaner Technologies and Environmental Management, Pondicherry Engineering College, Puducherry, India, P.308, No: 57, Allied Publishers Pvt.Ltd. 4 th – 6 th January 2007.
S.Shanmuga Priya,M.Premalatha “Tapioca - Renewable Energy Source of Bio-Fuel for India” - Proceedings of the International Conference on Biofuels Vision – 2015 organised by Engineering College, Bikaner, Rajasthan, P 55, No: 006, 13 th - 15 th October 2006.